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Hide and Seek – Go & Explore APK 3.0


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Hide and Seek – Go & Explore   org.blockgames.hideandseek   Detalhes do Aplicativo

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Hide and Seek – Go & Explore   Capturas de tela

Hide and Seek – Go & Explore
Hide and Seek – Go & Explore

Hide and Seek – Go & Explore   Descrição

Find the best places to put yourself out of sight of other players or find all the player that are trying to do the same. Have fun!

Hide and Seek – Online Peekaboo 3D Party & Mini Game is a game that we all know of! As kids, we have all been playing it outside. This edition of the game is perfect for everyone that are young by heart and want to have a lot of fun!

In Hide & Seek you are either a hider or a seeker. If you are a seeker, your goal is to find and catch all other players that hide in these mysterious maps. When you are a hider, you need to find a perfect hiding place so that the seeker can’t find you till the end of the countdown.

Play a peekaboo game with your friends and colleagues! Find your best place to hide! Don’t let anyone to escape you as a seeker! Collect all the achievements to rank up the leaderboard! Explore all the maps and find secret places! Show them who the best seeker is and who can find the best places for hiding!

***Hide & Seek – Online Peekaboo features***
- Worldwide and local
- Amazing maps with great places for hiding
- Achievements and ranking
- Cool skins that provide good camouflage
- Great background music and sound effects
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