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Triangle Ball Solitaire
Triangle Ball Solitaire

Triangle Ball Solitaire   Descrição

This is is a board game for one player involving movement of balls on a board with holes. The board has 15 holes. At the start of the game, each hole contains one ball and you need to choose which hole is the empty one. Just click on one of the balls to leave an empty hole or click a "Select random game" button.

You can play the game using any of 3 technics (or their combination):

1. Press a left mouse button and drag one ball over another into a vacant hole. The ball that was jumped over would be automatically removed. You may only jump in a straight line .

2. Press a left mouse button and start dragging a ball in a direction of a target vacant hole. The cell that is going to be crossed will be marked with a delete ( x ) sign. When you see this sign you can drop the ball. It will be automatically moved into a target hole and the crossed ball will be removed.

3. Double click or tap the ball you are going to move. It will be moved into a vacant hole and the crossed ball will be automatically removed. If you try to move the ball that can be moved into more then one of vacant holes, you will see the question ( ? ) mark. In this case you can only use #1 or #2 technics.

The aim of the game is to remove all but one of the balls.
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