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PokEvolver - Pokemon Go Trainers Toolkit- evolution calculator, pokemon location MAP coordinates, gym battle simulator, IV calculator

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Many users use  Chrome  as their staple browsers even smartphones have it as one of the pre-installed apps. But is this really the right choice? Dolphin Browser is one of the  browser  alternatives  for your mobile device. It’s a  bleeding edge ,  easy-to-use  app that comes packed with  useful features  to help you navigate the internet more  efficiently .
Getting Around
If you ask around, most mobile users do not know much about Dolphin Browser. Most people would turn to  Opera  and  Firefox  as an alternative to Chrome. This is really a shame since Dolphin Browser  is at pa r  with other mainstream browsers. Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });
Dolphin Browser comes with a  masterfully created interface  with various options for  customization . Besides the main screen, there are  two more screens  which you can access by swiping. Swiping to the left will give you access to your  browsing history and shortcuts  to the most visited website such as  YouTube ,  Wikipedia , Bing, and  Amazon . Swiping to the right will let you between using the  mobile or desktop mode . This screen also allows you to  setup W-Fi broadcast , select a  color splash  for the background, go into a  full-screen  mode, and other personalization options. 
But what Dolphin Browser has that the other standard browsing apps don’t, is  gesture control . This feature provides you with shortcuts for more than  50 different browser actions . Just pair a favorite URL with a gesture of your choice, and you can visit that website easily. For example, by drawing a T on the screen, the app will take you to the  Twitter  web page. This feature  reduces  the need for onscreen keyboards. 
Dolphin Browser also includes an  address auto-complete , so you won’t have to key in the entire URL. There is no search bar in this app, but if you type a word in the URL bar and hit search, you will be directed to the  Google  search results page. Dolphin Browser offers  quick search  and includes full support for  HTML5 . It also comes with a secure  incognito browser  that gives you real private browsing without leaving history data.   App Features
Perhaps one of the reasons behind Dolphin Browser’s streamlined performance is its  lack of advanced features . However, the app more than makes up for it with its capabilities of installing  add-ons . By swiping left, you can enjoy best services from add-ons such as  video downloader , web to  PDF , and more. 
The app also  supports multiple tabs  which let you switch between two or more tabs by swiping. What’s more, it can  sync  your history, bookmarks, and passwords. It even  opens and pushes tabs  and websites across browsers in different platforms using Dolphin Connect. 
Furthermore, Dolphin Browser comes with a  sonar  feature which lets you  use your voice  to search website, share your favorite social networks, navigate the web, and bookmark your favorite website. 
When it comes to browser performance, Dolphin Browser boasts a  fast loading speed . YouTube videos run smoothly, and pages opened load quickly, even faster than Chrome. The Verdict When it comes to browser speed and performance, Dolphin Browser can give popular browsers a run for their money. This app is a  nose ahead  in terms of speed and personalization options and  exceeds the limitation  of standard browsers with its  user-friendly features.  If you want to try a browser with a lot of  promising functions , this app is worth trying. 
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