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PokEvolver - Pokemon Go Trainers Toolkit- evolution calculator, pokemon location MAP coordinates, gym battle simulator, IV calculator

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Keeping files and taking them anywhere besides the office can be a pain. You would have to cart external storage devices that might be lost or broken. Luckily innovations like  cloud storage  are now available.  Google Drive  is probably  one of the best  online  file managers  out there, nowadays. It allows you to  sync and upload  files from your desktop and  access  them from another device. 
Backup and Sync Files
As with other cloud storage services such as  Dropbox  and  OneDrive , Google Drive allows you to  backup and sync all your files —media and document—from your computer’s folder, SD cards, and USB to the cloud. However, Google Drive does not only end with syncing your files from your computer to the Drive. It also lets you sync folder you have in the Drive to your computer so you can  access  them even when you are  offline . You can even download and sync your  My Drive folder  on Google Drive so you can choose a specific folder.  Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });
Moreover, this recent update keeps a  neat way to organize  your synced files. Google Drive comes with a  new Computers tab  which organizes the folders you chose to backup  according to the computer  in which you have them synced. 
But, while it’s a convenient way for you to  keep your important files safe , users must know that Google Drive is  not a restore tool.  It cannot, in any way,  restore  your OS when your computer crashes.  More than Syncing Files
Google Drive is amazing enough with its  expansive  backup and sync features. But what it makes more impressive is its other features that move well  beyond  simple online  storage services . It comes integrated with  Google Docs office suite , a browser-based tool which includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, and presentation software.  
With the Google Docs, users can now create progress reports, client presentations and even draft letters and memos without the need to use computer storage. The suit is  free to use , adding an edge against its direct competition, the  Microsoft Office . 
But what is noteworthy about this feature is that you can  share  these files with your contacts. Once you provide them access to certain documents, you can  collaborate in near real-time  with options to adding suggested  edits and comments . All changes are  automatically saved  in the Drive, and you can view the revisions made using the  History options . You can even roll back to the  previous file version  if the revisions do not suit you. 
However, while this feature may be convenient, it may pose a threat when it comes to your files’ security. There are  no passwords  needed for file sharing, and there is  no private encryption  option.  Thoughts on Google Drive
Google Drive is a  nice tool app  to use especially if you do not know how to get around cloud storage apps. The software is pretty  straightforward and simple . Once installed, all you have to do is log in, choose the folders you want to sync, and  let Google do the rest . This app can back up almost  anything and everything . Of course, once you started, you might eat up your  15GB free space . Google Drive requires payment for  additional storage .  
The new Google Drive replaces the previous Drive and Photos desktop apps. The new app download page now directs  here .
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