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Every kid or kid-at-heart who believes in Santa Claus surely remember the thrill of waiting all night for the jolly old man to come to their house and deliver presents. Now, they don’t need to just wait for him, they can actively  track Santa's location  with the Google Santa Tracker. The Google Santa Tracker functions similarly to a  GPS  tracker where you’ll be able to see where Santa is  traveling  to anywhere in the world. While waiting for Christmas Eve to arrive, though, the Google Santa Tracker also has some games for people to play. It’s a festive little social app perfect for fun family gatherings.
Help Out the Elves
Now that Christmas is fast approaching, Santa’s elves at the North Pole are starting to get busy with their tasks. They need to  wrap and deliver gifts , look for cities, and more. With Google Santa Tracker, you’ll be able to give them a helping hand because this app has several mini-games that are both enjoyable and a bit challenging. These mini-games are perfect for little kids, but adults who are looking for simple time killers would appreciate them as well. Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });
All the games have simple to understand mechanics that anyone will get, and they also have  wonderful graphics  and funny sound effects. There is even a  City Quiz  that’s both fun and educational. Their fun and festive theme revolving around elves playing or working will surely make this a hit for the family during the holidays. You can also make your own elf and design how they look and dress. Where Is Santa?
Unfortunately for all the people waiting for Santa, the actual Santa Tracker won’t actually work until Christmas Eve. The app has a timer that counts down to Santa’s take off in place of the tracker until the right time comes. When Santa does take off, though, you’ll be able to see where he is and how many gifts he has delivered. The tracker also has all sorts of fun trivia about the places that Santa is traveling to.
There are also timers for when Santa is expected to arrive at a certain place and where his next destination will be. For additional information, there are also weather and temperature reports included in the tracker. Hilariously, the app also has pictures of Santa having a great time on his adventure around the world.  Great for Holidays, Great Year-Round
With its very obvious holiday theme, it might seem like the Google Santa Tracker is only good for holidays, but that isn’t necessarily true. Though you can only use the Santa tracker on Christmas Eve, the app’s multitude of mini-games are good enough to be enjoyed all year. They are fun, creative, and even a bit challenging. They will certainly hold the attention of your kids for a while. Of course, don’t forget to fire the  GPS  tracker up once the Christmas Eve does arrive because it is definitely the star of the app. It’s a nice little app that the entire family will enjoy. Melhores aplicações da Web no Google Santa Tracker Conectados.

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